The Goats Milk Lotion is my favorite. I use it on my baby boy to help ease itching when he has dry skin. It is very gentle on his skin.

Solana/September 26

I came across your booth when visiting Raleigh 2 weeks ago. I saw your sign for soaps for eczema and decided to try it because nothing else has ever worked enough. I have chronic dyshidrotic eczema (hundreds of tiny, painful, itchy blisters) on my hands along with mild eczema on my arms and legs. I used your goat milk lotion several times a day and have seen such a difference its crazy. I’ll never use anything else! The man at the booth was very kind and helpful and gave us your card. I’ll be ordering online again and again. It also smells amazing and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. Dries quickly and now my boyfriend steals my bottle. Thank you!
Kayla /October 16

 The soaps smell absolutely amazing….love the fact that its all natural and no harmful chemicals go me and my family.

Yaritza/September 19

The charcoal soap is making a noticeable difference on my rosacea — nothing else I’ve tried does!

Diana/September 2